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SS P Cooker Type Autoclave India

  1. This is a portable pressure type vertical top loading cooker
    type steam sterilizer (Autoclave) made from Aluminum
    grade SALEM STAINLESS STEEL (Seamless construction).Two versions are available, i.e. electrically operated and
    also non electric model to be used on gas, kerosene or
    It is used for sterilization of surgical instruments, dressing
    material, linen, rubber, special plastic materials by means
    of saturated steam under pressure of 15-20 psi. Apart from
    health centers, it is also used in scientific research
    institutions, colleges, departments laboratories &
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1. At the time of opening/closing the lid of the autoclave, always keep the steam release valve open, never try to open the lid forcefully.

2. Before switching on the autoclave, check the lid is properly closed (the handles of lid & body are exactly
on top of each other)
3. The weight type safety valves are preset at required pressures. Do not add extra weights to them otherwise they might malfunction.
4. Clean the vent holes of the weight valves regularly with a thin wire to avoid any jamming.
5. Also keep the autoclave gasket free from dirt otherwise it may result in leakage from lid gasket.
6. Never operate the autoclave without water or with insufficient water. It can damage the autoclave & the heater.

7. When the lid is removed off the autoclave, keep it gently in upright position and on leveled surface. Jerks may damage the pressure gauges.
8. In case of any problem, stop using the autoclave and contact authorized dealer.

9. Do not shift the instruments under working conditions.

i) Switch off electric supply

ii) Remove plug from socket

iii) Release steam if any

10. To avoid any electric shocks

i) Do not touch the autoclave bare feet or wet hands.

ii) Do not keep the autoclave on any wooden/rubber/insulated surface. Keep on marble floor/shelf.

iii) Check the internal wiring at your place has proper earthing.

11. For better looks, clean the autoclave with soft & moist cloth.

12. Tighten the handle screws every 15 days regularly.


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