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Autoclave Manufacturers in India – Thymol

Established in the year 2011 at Ambala (Haryana, India), We “Thymol Autoclave, India” trusted as the best autoclave manufacturers in India, are a leading manufacturer of Horizontal Autoclave, Vertical Autoclave, Rectangular Autoclave, Portable Autoclave, etc. Our products are widely acclaimed for their durability, fine finish, high efficiency and sturdy design. Under the leadership of “Mr. Pankaj Kashyap” (Owner), we have succeeded in achieving a respected position in the industry.

What is an autoclave machine or autoclave sterilizer ?

Autoclaves are also known as steam sterilizers, and are typically used for healthcare or industrial applications. An autoclave is a machine that uses steam under pressure to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores on items that are placed inside a pressure vessel. The items are heated to an appropriate sterilization temperature for a given amount of time. The moisture in the steam efficiently transfers heat to the items to destroy the protein structure of the bacteria and spores.

What is an autoclave machine price ?

The costs of an autoclave can vary greatly because of the various uses and applications of this technology.

Industrial and pharmaceutical autoclaves are customized and manufactured for a specific use and therefore costs are likely to differ compared to autoclaves you find in a hospital or dental office.

In healthcare applications, the costs of an autoclave can range by capacity and installation method. Beyond the initial cost of the autoclave, the maintenance and cost of sterility assurance and monitoring products should be considered. Depending on the autoclave manufacturer, the costs per cycle, utility consumption and maintenance costs could vary over time and should be evaluated to compare your total-cost-of-ownership over time.

What is the principle of an autoclave machine ?

Working Principal of Autoclave Autoclaves can also be used to take out all kinds of industrial processes and scientific experiments that work best at high heats and pressures.

All autoclaves work with a combination of steam, pressure, and time. They operate using principles similar to the common kitchen pressure cooker — that is, the door is locked to form a sealed chamber, and all air within that chamber is replaced by steam. The steam is then pressurized to bring it to the desired sterilization for the desired duration.

Let’s explain the autoclave working by three phases of a sterilization cycle:

  • Purge phase: In this phase, steam displaces air within the autoclave chamber and both temperature and pressure begin to increases.
  • Sterilization phase: In this phase autoclaves, harsh conditions destroy bacteria, spores, and other pathogens.
  • Sterilization phase: In this phase autoclaves, harsh conditions destroy bacteria, spores, and other pathogens.

What is autoclave temperature ?

  • For autoclave sterilization, the most common temperature is 121°C, however, many autoclaves provide cycles at higher temperatures.

    If heavy objects are being sterilized, heat transfer to the interior should be slow, and the heating time needs to be sufficiently long so that the object is at 121°C for 15 min. Extended times are also required when large volumes of liquids are being autoclaved as large volumes take longer to reach sterilization temperature.

Types of autoclave machines at Thymol :

Autoclave Diagram by Autoclave Manufacturers in India

The simplest form of the autoclave manufactured in India is the pressure cooker types or laboratory bench autoclaves. The following is the detailed description of different components/ parts of an autoclave:
vertical autoclave diagram

Vertical Autoclave Machine Principle – Thymol Autoclave India

Vertical Autoclave Machine Principal Video 2 – Thymol Autoclave India

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